BE Thoughtful Revolution

BE Thoughtful Revolution

With your membership, you'll get:

  • Direct access to a behavioral economics expert (me!).  I’ll deliver the information and inspiration you’re looking for.
    • Ask all your questions (yes, as many as you want!) and connect
      with a supportive community of like-minded individuals in our exclusive Facebook group.
  • Live Q & As. Join me online and get your behavioral economics questions answered.
    • Bonus: you’ll hear my answers to questions raised by your fellow revolutionaries, who may ask a business-changing question you didn’t even know you had!
  • Immediate access to the Brainy Pricing Course, so you can raise prices and increase profitability with confidence. ($399 value)

  • Tons of content to help break through mindset blocks, including a seat at every live Brainy Mindset Course, which run 3x per year and show you how to blast through mindset blocks and be a goal-achieving machine. ($399 value)

  • The very first word about upcoming events, products and special discounts!

  • AND there is no long term commitment - cancel at any time.

You're a pioneer. An entrepreneur. A revolutionary, ready to embark upon a brave new world where your business is light years ahead of the competition.  

And I'll be there to guide the way.

Are you ready to be Revolutionary?

10 Modules

Welcome to the BE Thoughtful Revolution!

Welcome to the BE Thoughtful Revolution !

You now have direct access to Melina, an awesome Facebook community, all the courses, first word on new stuff...and so much more! Come learn about the benefits of your membership and where to start. 

INSTANT ACCESS! Brainy Pricing Course

Free to members of the BE Thoughtful Revolution!

Learn how to incorporate concepts of behavioral economics, including: 

  • priming
  • framing
  • anchoring & adjustment
  • relativity

As well as tips for increasing rates, when to use discounts, and all the tips for any business (whether you sell services, products in a store, or via an online marketplace). Have a question on a module? Pop into the exclusive Facebook group and ask Melina directly!

INSTANT ACCESS! Brainy Mindset Course

Free to members of the BE Thoughtful Revolution!

Join Melina live over 6 weeks over Zoom to ask your questions and learn from other participants. Plus get free special worksheets to help you: 

  • define and narrow your goals
  • declutter (physical, digital, mental, emotional)
  • understand and conquer your fears
  • learn about brain biases
  • know how to use questions to break through blocks
  • figure out the right method to keep you on track and organized (GANTT charts, Trello, or something else)

Have a question on a module? Pop into the exclusive Facebook group and ask Melina directly!

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