Big Brainy Bundle (BEST VALUE!)


Want to convert more interested leads into paying customers in 2020? What if they also paid 10% or 25% more per sale? And were happier with their purchases? Take a moment to picture it.

Now that you can see it, let's make it happen...together!

BIG Brainy Bundle ($1200 value): it all starts with mindset. This will help you narrow your goals and know where to focus. Brainy Mindset Courses are live (over Zoom) and interactive, with groups kicking off in January, April and September. Then, you apply your newly focused mindset to pricing strategy via a self-led course (10 modules with videos and custom worksheets). Top it all off with live, direct coaching from Melina (via Zoom) in a half-day virtual workshop. 4 hours with up to 6 individuals getting coached, including 30 minutes dedicated to your business strategy to ensure you're incorporating behavioral economics in the best way possible. 

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You'll be getting an email where you should choose your Brainy Mindset path! No matter which path you choose, you're already signed up for the Brainy Pricing Course!